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Computer Repair


Why waste unnecessary money on a new computer when we can easily fix it for less? Caught a virus? We've got you covered. Monitor went out? Not a problem in our book. Motherboard malfunctioning? Stress no more! Any problems you may have with your computer we can easily fix. Your computer problems belong to us.

Virus Removal



Removing virus is one of our specialties. Only $59.99 for virus and malware removal. Having other issues with your computer? Just call us or send us a message from our contact page or by clicking here.

Data Backup

and Recovery

Accidently deleted those important files? Did a computer corruption cause you to lose that favorite song or photo? Or maybe you purposely deleted that unwanted document and now you want it back? Whatever the cause may be, we can easily retrieve your data and backup those important files for only $79.99. Disaster recovery is only a call or click away.


Cracked Screen



Cracked the screen on your computer and dreading to buy a new one? Dread no more! Send your damaged computer to us for a screen replacement. Starting at only $79.99 for labor.

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